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  • Our Mission
  • Catalyze social and economic change in marginalized communities with focus on the rights of underprivileged children and empowerment of women.”

    When founded in 1996, our primary goal was to provide educational and health support to drop –outs & out-of-school children and enroll them into regular schools. We have succeeded in this endeavor, growing from 70 children in one center in 1996, to approximately 2000 children, women and youth in 10 community centers today. We remain fully committed to providing vulnerable children with an opportunity to receive education and realize their potential in life.

    Over the past ten years, we have learnt that in order for the children to succeed, the families units and communities that surround these children must also progress. Therefore, our mission today is to empower people of these communities through participation and collective effort to secure opportunities for growth and social justice

    Our current objectives can best be summarized as follows:

      Motivate parents from slum communities to send their children to school

      Encourage women to acquire skills that will help them earn reasonable wages

      Network with local governments & community groups to create bonds for collective action towards     effective utilization of public services

      Sensitize the local community about Child Rights

      Enhance the capacity of the youth groups to take leadership roles in the community